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General Blog Update.

on Jan 1, 2012 | General | 0 comments
Despite the date on this entry it is actually the summer of 2013 and we are just putting the final touches to our new website. This is something that we own and have complete creative control over as oppose to its previous incarnation that was constructed out of a cheap ‘take away’ website package. This new website should give us a secure platform on which to build a much more sophisticated website running into the future. This is all good but I am afraid that there has been a little bit of a gap in attempt at blog writing plus I now have to transfer some of my old blog entries onto the new site. Some of these have been re-written and I am not completely sure of the original dates of publication; however I have done my best to put them in their original order. So the next 7 entries are all from last year and once these are up I will do my best to write some new content!


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