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Bird / Wildlife Spot Lists

Welcome to the wildlife lists page. At the moment this page is dominated by the Bird List, but over time we will be carrying out further surveys and adding more lists.

The Bird List, this is a general list of British Bird Species, it is based on the first list that I used last year in the Swarovski Birdwatchers Handbook 2011, and their list is in turn based on the ‘British List’ formulated by the British Ornithologists Union.  The order of the birds in the list is meant to reflect the evolution of the included species.

I have only been ‘spotting’ birds this last couple of years. I was always interested in wildlife as a boy and my mum brought me up to look for wildlife in the countryside around our home; she would tell me that my grandfather loved birds and could recognise them by their calls. However I developed my artistic tendencies and didn’t start really finding an interested in wildlife again until a few years ago.

This list includes both those birds I have spotted on the reserve and those I have seen myself. I may have seen more birds than are marked down on this list but I have discounted anything I have not seen in the last few years or that I can’t really remember if I have seen or not, so effectively I have started again. This means that the list is quite low, only 79 species so far, there are birds that I am pretty sure that I have seen such as a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker and Quail that I have not included on the list because I last saw them when I was a boy.  The reserve list is also low but again I am starting from scratch I have seen some very interesting looking birds visit the river but they always fly off before I can get close enough to ID them because of the lack of cover. The list is also seasonal, starting this autumn; I have seen a Grey Heron feeding in the river in the summer and Red Starts in the hedges.

Birds seen in our area, January 2012.

Just a note on how I go about spotting birds. I personally will not chase a bird anywhere; I do not go to locations because someone has told me that there is some rare bird about. I prefer to go about my normal everyday life and spot things as I go. Thankfully my everyday life constitutes, living on a smallholding in mid Wales where I almost spend some part of each day outside. I go out with a walking group once a week and we visit remote areas of natural beauty throughout West Wales. I work as part of the Ecology Department at Aberystwyth University and teach Wildlife Photography. I regularly visit the Isles of Scilly off Cornwall on holiday and the family homes in Herefordshire and the Isle of Man. So as you can see I am lucky enough to live and work in a number of Wildlife and Birdlife hot spots; hopefully it won’t take long to get the list up into better numbers. I am wondering how many birds I can see without going to find them and how many birds will visit the reserve.

Bird List [.pdf]